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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mets First Half Report Card: Starting pitchers

Now that we know that Trevor Hoffman does not like the Mets' chances of making the World Series it is time to move on to my report card for the Mets' starting pitchers. Once again, if you missed my grading system click here.
Tom Glavine- A
The consistent and leader of the Mets' staff, Tom Glavine has certainly shown Mets fans this year that he is worth considering for the 2007, despite his age. At a league leading 11 wins, with an era at 3.45 Glavine has a new found confidence, as do the Mets front office. Glavine's contract was adjusted a month or so back, so that there is an extra year added on, and the money is deferred between this year and next. However, it is hard to get too high on Glavine, because of the past three years Glavine has had one good half and one terrible half to his seasons. However, if Glavine's second half is as good as his first the Mets may be looking at their first 20 game winner since the glory days.
Pedro Martinez- B+
The only thing keeping Pedro from having an A is the injury, and the lack of wins. Yes, wins does depend a lot on your run support, but some of the blame does get directed towards Pedro. Pedro was 2-3 in June, and every loss is not the offenses fault. However, despite the injury and struggling in June Pedro has been very good and if it wasn't for the low amount of wins it may be him in contention for a Cy Young.
Steve Trachsel- B-
His era is nothing to look at, but his six game win streak is great, and he has pitched well lately. It seems like Trachsel and El Duque are in a battle for the number three starter, simply because El Duque has a better era (with the Mets). However, Trachsel does have three of four solid outings, and the main reason his era is high is because he has a lot of quality starts (six innings, three runs is a 4.5 era) and does not log a lot of innings. Nevertheless, 8 wins in the third or fourth slot in the rotation is nice, and I finally feal confident with Trachsel on the mound.
Orlando Hernandez- B (with Mets)
El Duque has pitched eight games with the Mets, and he has pitched well in five of the games, and dreadful in the others. No doubt El Duque is inconsistent, but right now he is up (last 14 innings he has allowed two runs) and Mets fans should be confident with The Duke on the mound. His 4.14 era with the Mets is solid for a number three, but can be improved. I would look for much of the same from El Duque in the second half.
Alay Soler- C-
The only thing saving Soler from a D is that he actually pitched well a few times. However, when facing good lineups the supposed "big game pitcher" struggled mightily. In fact, in his last two starts before being demoted he allowed 16 runs, in only seven innings. Soler had a brief three game succesful stretch in June, but an apparent calf injury hindered his performance. His grade is so low because of his implosion against the Mets and Yanks, and because he hid his injury from the Mets, hurting the Mets more.
Brian Bannister- C+
No doubt Bannister pitched solid in April, but his walk rate was way too high, and his injury has left the Mets looking for a fifth starter all season. We will definitley see Bannister later in the year, whether it be if Maine and Pelfrey struggle, or if it is in Septemeber after call-ups, but expect Bannister to be with the Mets again this year.
Victor Zambrano- F
Remember him? Victor Zambrano was absolutely un-watchable in the beginning of the year, and the upsetting thing about his injury is that he came off of a good outing, and he had not allowed a hit to the first four batters he faced. Also, he hid his injury to the Mets, and threw a nasty slider to strikeout Andruw Jones before running off of the mound. The visably upset, and tearful Zambrano is out for the season, and his Mets career is probably over. I feel for Zambrano, I really do. He was thrust into a bad situation to begin with, and now he will be forever known as the guy who was traded for Kazmir.
Jose Lima- F-
9.87 ERA in five starts. Nuff' said.
John Maine and Mike Pelfrey- Incomplete
I expect to see both of these guys again this season, hopefully more of Pelfrey than Maine. Right now I have confidence in both of these guys when they are on the mound, but this is a very premature statement. Pelfrey has only made one start, and Maine three. Maine has pitched relativley well in his outings, despite his maskful era. Pelfrey has yet to show us his true talent, but he was solidly impressive in his debut, despite the runs he was given.


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