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Monday, June 26, 2006

Pelfrey to pen? No Thanks

This morning it was reported that the Mets have internal discussions about possibly promoting blue chip prospect, Mike Pelfrey, and using him in the bullpen. I ask why? Pelfrey is the Mets best pitching prospect, and he does posess a 97 MPH fastball, and he does have a 2.43 era in AA, but is he ready? Better yet, is somebody on the Mets not producing? From what I have heard Pelfrey has been depending too much on his dominating fastball, instead of using his other pitches like his slider and his changeup. However, a few starts ago I listened to Pelfrey's game on the radio and the announcers were saying that Pelfrey was using his slider more often and more effectivley, and Pelfrey struck out eight batters that night. I haven't heard much since then, but could it be a turning point in his short career? Nevertheless, if Pelfrey relys on his fastball he may or may not be succesful in the big leagues, but if his slider and changeup have improved and are ML ready then he could be a force in the Mets bullpen. The only problem then is, who goes down? Who leaves the bullpen? Do you demote Milledge for Pelfrey, and have an extra arm? If Milledge is gone then who goes down when Floyd returns? The truth is nobody is doing poorly, the entire bench has been terrific, none of the everyday starters are struggling, and the entire Mets rotation has held it's own all season. In my mind the only option for Pelfrey right now is to pray that Soler gets rocked for about a month, Heilman takes his spot and Pelfrey goes to the pen, or vice versa. However, Soler does not appear to be slowing down quite yet, and as a result I don't see Pelfrey with the Mets until September 2nd, the day after rosters expand. And by the way, Pelfrey starts tonight for Binghamton.


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