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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pelfrey dominant again, what else is new?

Mike Pelfrey, who? The Mets best pitching prospect is who he is, and he was once again dominant. Tonight for the Binghamton Mets Pelfrey won his third game of the season, going seven innings, and allowing only one run on four hits and three walks. Pelfrey also struck out six batters and lowered his era to 2.48.

How long until Pelfrey is up at Norfolk, and eventually up with the major league Mets, not the ones in Binghamton. However, Trachsel did pitch very well tonight, allowing only two runs in six plus innings. Trachsel has won three games in a row, and Alay Soler has also been dominant in his last two starts. In fact, Soler has allowed only two runs over his last 15 innings pitched. So where does Pelfrey fit with the big club this year? Could he come up in the bullpen down the stretch and do what John Papelbon did for the Red Sox last year? Or could he not make it to the bigs at all this year? Hopefully it's the former, and hopefully we get a sneak peak at Pelfrey this year.

Note: for some reason this article was archived on the 20th, and was not posted, which is why this was posted so late.


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