he True Fans Bleed Blue and Orange: Floyd placed on 15 day DL for less then 15 daysh

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Floyd placed on 15 day DL for less then 15 days

Today outfielder Cliff Floyd was placed on the 15 day DL, however Floyd will be back sooner rather than later. The placement was retroactive to eleven days ago when Floyd first injured his ankle, therefore the 33 year old leftfielder will be eligible to be activated this thursday. Xaver Nady is expected to take Floyd's spot on the roster, moving Milledge to left consistently for the next week, and Nady to right, and Chavez back to the bench after doing a fantastic job. Once Floyd returns Milledge is expected to be demoted, but after going 3-4 last night he may be in the midst of a possible hot streak, and if he starts to rake you may see something like this happen.


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