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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reason Pelfrey was pulled after only .2 innings

Well, I did some snooping around, and I discovered why Pelfrey was pulled so quickly. Some people said it was because of the weather, others said it was due to his struggles, and others said it was because he was promoted, all of which are false. The face is that the Mets have a rule that if a prospect pitcher reaches more than 30 pitches in an inning than they must be pulled. Therefore, there is no worries, Pelfrey is not hurt, although he has not been promoted, yet. A couple of days ago 17 year old prospect, Deolis Guerra, ran into the same problem in Hagerstown and pitching coach Shawn Barton said "Our Mets policy is that we don't want kids throwing over 30-pitch innings and he was at 33 so we didn't want to run him back out there, especially coming off of an injury."


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