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Friday, May 19, 2006

Game Preview: Mets versus Yankees

The Mets versus Yankees has been marked on nearly every Mets fan calendar as the day the Mets take back New York officially. It's time to walk the walk now, the Mets and Yankees fans have both talked the talk, now it's time to put up or shut up. Jeremi Gonzalez will take the mound for his second start of the season, and will be up against Hall of Famer Randy Johnson.

Game Preview:

1) The Yankees ironically lead the American League in sacrifice bunts, with 14. The Yankees have been notorious for home run ball over the past decade, and bunts are usually not the fortay for home run hitters.
2) The Yankees are 20-1 this year when leading after six innings, and 13-8 when they score first.
3) Reigning American League MVP, Alex Rodriguez, is merely 1-12 with a double off of Mets starter Jeremi Gonzalez.
4) Johnny Damon has also struggled against Gonzalez going 2-9 in his career.
5) Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams have also been suprisingly unsuccesful against Gonzalez. In 8 career Jeter at bats he is only 1-8, while Williams is only 1-6.
6) Paul LoDuca leads the Mets in at bats against Randy Johnson, and he is 14-52 with a .269 average.
7) Carlos Beltran has a .455 batting average against Johnson however his five hits in eleven at bats were all singles.
8) Don't look for Jose Valentin to get another start tonight, inn 13 at bats versus Johnson the utillity infielder has yet to record a hit.
9) Carlos Delgado is the all time rbi leader in interleague play, with 123 rbi's, and is third all time in interleague home runs, with 39.
10) David Wright is hitting .367 over his last 13 games.

Game Prediction:
Mets 10 Yankees 8
WP- Aaron Heilman
LP- Scott Proctor
H- Duaner Sanchez
SV- Billy Wagner

Game Play Predictions:
1) The Mets will hit at least three home runs.
2) Gonzalez will retire the first nine consecutive batters.
3) Jose Reyes will walk in tonight's game, and steal two bases.
4) David Wright will have two hits tonight.
5) Billy Wagner will pitch tonight.


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