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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pelfrey to be promoted to MLB soon?

The Daily News reports that should Mike Pelfrey have success in tonight's outing then an insider with the team said "team brass will seriously consider promoting him..." There are two ways to interpret this. One is that if he is good tonight he will be promoted to AAA, and the other way is to believe they are referring to the majors. I tend to believe the latter, but I would understand if it is the former. The article was about potential starters for the major league Mets, therefore why would the Daily News say Pelfrey may be promoted to AAA if the article is not about the Tides? As one of the people who is rooting for Pelfrey to be promoted this is positive news anyway you slice it. However, as I reported last night the Tides will need a starter either way because Gonzalez will most likely get the start in a few days, leaving a space in the Tides' rotation. Alay Soler and/or Mike Pelfrey should be at least in AAA by next week. Speaking of the Tides, their closer, Heath Bell, was promoted to the Mets, and Bartolome Fortunato was demoted.


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