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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Game recap: The case against Wagner

Game Overview:
Starter: Pedro Martinez was once again Pedro Martinez tonight. In his seven innings of work he allowed three runs on merely six base runners, two of which reached base via a free pass. Pedro also struck out 10 batters, which matched the amount of strikeouts of Mike Pelfrey today. Pedro's outing was very impressive, outside of the first two innings, in which he walked two batters and allowed all three runs. Pedro raised his era to 2.89.
Bullpen: Sanchez's domination has finally ended, at least for one night it has. In his one inning of work Sanchez allowed two hits, and one earned run. The earned run came on a close play at the plate in which the ball skidded out of LoDuca's glove. Sanchez's era is now an astronimical .41. Now, Aaron Heilman came into the ninth in a tie game. With two outs the Phillies preceded to load the bases, and the arguement from Mets fans that I am hearing is that Willie should of brought Wagner into the game at the point. I understand the opinion, but here is my reasons why Wagner was not brought in:
1) Abreu was 2-8 in his career against Heilman, which favors Heilman's odds for getting Abreu out.
2) Abreu was 0 for his last 11 at bats, with a few walks thrown in between.
3) Over his career Heilman has been very tough on lefties, in fact last year lefties were less succesful against him than righties. They had a measley .208 BA against him.
4) Billy Wagner would of been booed viscously, obviously he has to pitch through it anyway and it shouldn't effect him. However, you never know.
5) Wagner has allowed 3 runs over his last 3 IP including a homer and 3 walks
6) The fact that he kept Heilman in gives Heilman a vote of confidence which helps in the future, especially when Heilman is upset about not going to the rotation for the injured Zambrano.
7) Abreu is 3-6 in his career off of Wagner with 1 double and 1 home run.
8) Wagner stopped warming up right after Matsui struck out on a pitch that I still think was high. By the time the first two outs were made he had been sitting for about 20 minutes.
Offense: The Mets offense appears to be playing wait and hit a dinger. Which is not good news at all. Delgado and Nady's home runs were huge, but I would of rather those runs come from singles and doubles. However, the Delgado home run came in a huge spot against a pitcher who he has never hit well against. Delgado finished the day 1-4. Jose Reyes went 0-4 with a strikeout. LoDuca's one hit came in the ninth, and he eventually scored on the Delgado blast. Xavier Nady homered in the eighth inning to give the Mets some life, and Kazuo Matsui went 1-4, and struck out with runners on second and third in the ninth inning. The pitch Matsui struck out on was high in my opinion, and in Julio Franco's opinion. Franco was thrown out for arguing the call.

Personal Note: Did you guys see the "Ask the Booth" section of the broadcast? Well, the question was about knuckleballs, and why they were so hard to perfect. That question was asked by yours truly, and I thought that was pretty cool.


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