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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pelfrey pulled after rocky outing

All Mike Pelfrey had to do tonight was pitch relativley well, and he most likely would be in the majors by Thursday. However, tonight Pelfrey did not pitch solid, in fact he barely pitched at all. In his .2 innings of work Pelfrey walked three batters, allowed two hits, two un-earned runs, and one strikeout. It is debatable whether Pelfrey buckled under the pressure of having to make a big start to make the majors, or if he just simply struggled. To me this almost clinches Soler coming to the majors, although I could be wrong. It is a bit confusing why they would take Pelfrey out when he couldn't of thrown more than 30 pitches, and it would of been interesting to see if his struggles continued, or if he was able to work through them. Perhaps he was promoted mid-inning, which would be a bit weird in itself, as the Mets are in no rush to promote him.


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