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Monday, May 22, 2006

Real reason for Floyd's struggle?

The following is simply spectulation, and bringing up a topic that has plagued the Mets all season. I have not seen or heard that Floyd does this, once again it is purely spectulation.
Entering the 2006 MLB season Bud Selig released a new drug testing plan. 50 games for your first offense, 100 for your second, and a lifetime ban if caught a third time. In addition, the stimulant amphetamines is now being tested in the MLB drug test. Cliff Floyd has been the main weak link in an otherwise strong offense for the Mets this season. Much has been made about his struggles this year, and in my opinion the reason could very well be that he used amphetamines last year, and is not doing so this year. Last year Floyd played only his second healthy season of his career, while bashing a career high 34 home runs in the process. Amphetamines increase alertness, energy, and a sense of well-being all of which are very important when playing baseball at a major league level. Last offseason Fran Healey often (he does everything often it seems) mentioned how Floyd was the first player he ever knew who admitted that he was injury prone. Maybe the leftfielder finally realized that he should do something about it. Cliff Floyd was vastly improved in the field, a part of the game based mainly on reaction (alertness), Floyd also played day games after night games consistently for the first time as a Met (energy). Lastly, Floyd had almost no injuries last year, and the only stretch of games he missed was at the beginning of the season from April 13-17, all other days he missed were normal off days. Thus far this season Floyd has sat seven games, and pinch hit in two of those games. Some of those games that Floyd did not start were in part to his struggles, which can once again be linked back to amphetamines. To conclude, everything I just mentioned about Floyd's game may be purely coincidental. His fielding may of improved because he was surrounded and possibly tutored by two Gold Glove Calibur centerfielders in Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron. Floyd may of just been healthy for one of the first times in his career, which in turn leaded to his production. I feel a bit guilty even bringing this subject up since Floyd is such a nice guy, and a favorite of mine. On the other hand, Floyd has always been a streaky hitter, where he will hit about .290 one month and .200 the next month, maybe he is saving his hitting for the second half of the year, and hopefully the playoffs. Or maybe Floyd is simply unlucky, or maybe he is off of the amphetamines. What do you think?


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