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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Artest Not The Answer

Over the last few days there have been rumors swirling around the internet that Ron Artest wants to play in his hometown, for the Knicks. A few days later those same reporters also said that Artest no longer wants to be dealt to the Knicks. Like with most rumors it is unclear which side of the story is true, but one thing is certain: Isiah is interested.

It has come out that Isiah will not part with Balkman or Lee in a deal for Artest, but I feel that Isiah should not even attempt to acquire Artest. Artest is one of the best defensive players in all of basketball, and would provide the Knicks with a much needed defensive swagger, but the other parts of Artest's game do not fit with the Knicks. Artest wanted to leave Indiana for a lot of reasons, but one of the main reasons was because he was not a big part of the Pacers' offense, and Artest wants to score. On the Knicks Artest could range anywhere from the third option all the way to the fifth option. He would definitely be behind Randolph and Curry, and he is not as much of an offensive force as Crawford and Marbury in terms of creating for himself, and hitting an outside shot. Artest is a career 32.2% three point shooter which is worse than Marbury, Crawford, Nate, and Richardson.
Isiah coached Artest in Indiana and he may feel that he can control Artest's awful attitude, but how long does he really believe Artest will like to play third or fourth fiddle to other players? Not to mention the fact that Artest would add yet another ugly past to this franchise, something they cannot afford to keep adding.

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